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Drupal 8 Installation in SharedHosting + Setup from 100 EUR

Tax included Shipping excluded Delivered within 24-48 hours

Drupal 8 Installation in SharedHosting + Setup from 119 EUR. Professional Full-Service.


Drupal 8 Installation in SharedHosting + Setup from 119 EUR. Professional Full-Service.

Hello dear CMS customer! Drupal 8 CMS is now known worldwide and all sorts of Drupal developers, volunteers are working tirelessly on the project. Drupal 8 CMS is very good for websites of any size, because it is scalable and you can use it to run a perfect blog.

Drupal 8 has the features and settings that allow you to blog well on such a website. I also run two different Drupal 7 + 8 blogs that are often submitted. The Drupal8 blog address is as follows: and there you can watch the project with the Premium Design News+.

I offer you as the customer a complete Drupal 8 installation in SharedHosting or in a dedicated rootserver under Centos 7 OS. This is taken away from you and also like to help you afterwards with the setting up of your new blog, because I already have one, where you can see everything or if certain features of mine have not yet been used, I can understand it in my own project. So I can help you to your new Drupal 8 website.

Cost of a Drupal 8 installation in shared hosting or on root servers

For 119 EUR incl. VAT + set up costs with me or here in the shop. You can order the service directly here, because then I'll take everything by mail true.

This product is also available in English, Russian and German, so every compatriot can enjoy this Drupal service.

I offer you 7 days/week technical support via ....

  • by mail under
  • via Telegram Web under the number +49 152-05854957

Orders in the premium shops possible via

Travel prices are all incl. VAT. On my invoices are the tax number and creditor ID. Tax Office Rostock.


This Drupal service was created today on 21.12.2018 and still has only its own Drupalwebseiten as references.

Payment methods in this shop

  • via bank transfer
  • via credit card
  • via Paypal

If there are problems with the payment, you can reach me the fastest by mail. Imprint is also an integral part of my product descriptions.

So if you want to work with Drupal 8 and do not have such a website online, my Drupal 8 service would be in question. I'll help you with your Drupal blog and put it together with you, because I work with Drupal and can offer such services to German customers.

Access to your hosting

  • Plesk or cpanel
  • WebFTP

I need these additions to help you with the Drupal installation, and I'm very familiar with such tools and admin interfaces.

Turn to me and we will build your new Drupal 8 website.


Alexander Liebrecht Internet Services

Alexander Liebrecht

Alte Warnemünder Ch. 25

D-18109 Rostock

Deutschland - Germany

Telegram Web: +49 152-05854957


Support forums for CMS customers:

Main blog:

Second blog:

Feel free to contact me anytime during the day and maybe by mail or send me a short telegram via Telegram Web. I usually get in touch with the new customer within 48 hours.

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