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Xenforo Forum installation service from 110 EUR

immediately available
Tax included Shipping excluded Delivered after 3-5 days

Xenforo Forum installation service from 110 EUR


Hello dear Forum customer! I already have numerous CMS offers waiting for you here in the premium shop and a Xenforo installation service will also be among them with this offer.

I've been working in Xenforo since version 1.5 and currently have all three XF versions like 1.5.23, 2.0.x and 2.1 in my forum portfolio. So I've had very good experiences with Xenforo in the last years and I'd like to pass that on to the customers, because you have to get used to a Xenforo forum as soon as you become an admin of it.

For SharedHosting or the dedicated root server, I offer you an XF installation with all kinds of setup, because I will certainly not hand over such a naked forum to you. I also have numerous extensions/add-ons for all 3 versions, so I can extend your new forum a bit. This will be included in the price, because I can only use free addons.

With this offer you get a finished forum product and I will show you how to handle it.

I offer technical support the whole week via mail/Tel/telegram web, so you won't be left alone with the new forum. If this isn't a good and modern offer.

Below are some more details about this forum service, especially on XF forums.

Services for the Xenforo forum

  • Create/Install/Configure the new forum
  • Customize the forum
  • Installing a new design if you are not happy with the standard
  • Addon installation, both free and through your purchase also premium addons or premium design
  • but you should have a valid Xenforo license so that we don't have any stress
  • Creation of forum nodes/elements and subforums, as required
  • Embedding the widgets in the forum sidebar
  • Xenforo updates 1 year free/included in the price
  • Xenforo domain change will be possible from 100 EUR/move
  • technical support via Tel/Mail/Telegram Web
  • Shop orders in checked shops
  • Support around the Xenforo Forum
  • anything else that may occur while working with the forum

Cost of this service

From 110 EUR incl. taxes I offer it to you as the new customer. You can order this full service directly here with the buy button or contact me in advance by mail to clarify various questions you have.

Technical support is provided via these channels

  • by Telegram Web under the number +49 152-05854957
  • via Mail to
  • German regular customers are supported in the telefon

Shop orders in these Premium Shops

All shop/offer prices incl. taxes. Tax office Rostock.

Own Xenforo references with the projects

This full service is new as of March 2019 and I don't have any customer installations yet. But I think that it will surely come to that. I already have PHPBB forum customers.

Contact - Imprint

Alexander Liebrecht Internet Services

Alexander Liebrecht

Alte Warnemünder Ch. 25

18109 Rostock


Telegram Web: +49 152-05854957


Support forums for all CMS/Forum/Wiki customers:

Bolt services for D-A-CH customers: +

Main blog:

Please contact me if you would like to get a Xenforo installation. I would love to receive your XF order and do it professionally and reliably.

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