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PHPBB 3.2 Forum Installation and Forum Setup

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PHPBB 3.2 Forum Installation and Forum Setup


Hello dear customer! I would like to introduce this new shop offer to you. As you know, I am a Rostock CMS service provider and help customers with their CMS installations. This also applies to any forum installation in any professional web hosting.

Especially this offer goes towards an installation of a PHPBB 3.2 forum. I also offer this to the customers and I install the forum and set everything up from zero to the end.

You get a finished forum product and moreover my customers know meanwhile the good technical support with me. I offer the support on all business days of the week and also on weekends, if it cannot be arranged differently.

PHPBB 3.2 is a great forum application and can be used for both small and oversized communities. Of course, you decide what you want your forum to become. I can help you with updates or problems with PHPBB 3.2.

Below I link my own PHPBB 3.2 installation, so you can see and review this forum live in your browser. If you like it and you want something like this, we are a team. I'll be happy to make it happen for you.

Cost of a PHPBB 3.2 Forum Installation in any Professional Web Hosting

From 120 EUR incl. VAT I accept this order gladly and set up the forum with you.

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All shopping prices and invoices include VAT. Tax office Rostock.

I would suggest that you order this product directly here in the shop, if it has already been published here. But you're just looking at how that should be best.

Access to your web hosting is required. In order to work and install the forum or to allow you to update PHPBB 3.2 later, I need access to the hosting.

  • via SFTP/SSH
  • via WebFTP
  • via Plesk or cPanel

I can cope with any web hosting because my experiences speak for themselves.

Customer reference of a PHPBB 3.2 forum

Your own forum reference

Take a look at these two forums and you will see what such a project looks like in your browser. It could look the same with you.

I always offer you technical support via my usual channels

  • by Telegram Web under the number +49 152-05854957
  • by eMail at
  • I support German customers also sometimes in the German landline network

At the bottom my contact data and links to the support forums.

Contact - Imprint

Alexander Liebrecht Internet Services

Alexander Liebrecht

Alte Warnemünde Ch. 25

18109 Rostock

Germany - Deutschland

Telegram Web: +49 152-05854957


Support Internet forums:

BoltCMS Services: and

Main blog:

Just send me an eMail and I can take time for your PHPBB 3.2 installation.

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