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Professional MyBB forum installation and setup in each hosting

immediately available
Tax included Shipping excluded Delivered within 3-5 Days

Professional MyBB forum installation and setup in each hosting


Hello Dear Shop customer! With this new Product, I have translated all the Offers and Products available in the Shop into 13 World Languages, which meant a high Amount of Work for me. I have been working on this cool and international shop project for about 2 Weeks and would like to meet you with the numerous National Languages of this Globe.

I want to enter the international Market with my local Rostock CMS services and this online shop is just like created for it.

Especially this new Offer is in the Direction of a professional MyBB forum creation and the subsequent Setting Up-just as I can technically offer you. I would like to take over this Order for you and help with all technical Issues relating to the ordered MyBB Forum website.

You can view such a forum in your own Portfolio under and examine my Project well and evaluate something. If you want To call a MyBB forum your own, I would be able to set it up here in the shop within 3-5 Days of successfully Completing the Order.

I install the very last MyBB version, which runs under Version number 1.8.x. The Forum is set up well, so I can also take the Creation of the forum Sub-forum categories or help you with it. You would then have to write me more accurately so that I can make that possible for you. Then it will be realized in a timely manner and you will get finished forum project.

There will be no shortage of technical Support as I am a Self-employed person online as well as a web Worker. Most of The Time, I am online on all Days of the week in order to regulate e-mail traffic alone and to be able to respond to Requests from Customers as well as webmaster colleagues and Friends.

Cost Score of a MyBB forum creation in any professional Web Hosting

For EUR 120, including German VAT, this is conceivable for my part. This Service can be ordered as a Full-service package and includes all forum services that you could only think of in the Event of your own forum project.

In terms of support, I am available on these Communication Channels 7 daily/week

  • Telegram Web with: +49 152-05854957
  • Email the eMail:

Actually, in time you will be able to find all the CMS services from me here in the Shop, but I still set some further shop link references so that you can also order it in other my premium shops. There are already, in some cases, more Offers than here.

Premium shops to Order my CMS services

Here in the Shop I am already on The verge Of applying for an OnTrust seal of approval and if I have earmarked the Budget for it, it will then be requested. After that, this Online Shop is even more trustworthy for national And international customers and can then be Hopped and ordered to their Heart's Content.

Customer references for the MyBB forum

So far, I have only implemented Orders around the PHPBB forum and because this Type of Service is still very fresh, more can come of it. First, new Slugs and Permalinks of this multilingual Shop have to be accommodated in the Search Engines, that is, I change something again and more, so that it is not Gibberish in the Permalinks. For Languages such as French, Spanish, Swedish, Slovak and others, this is always required.

Own reference With a MyBB 1.8 Forum project

Contact me if you thought of setting up your own Forum With this App and can't get on. I like to look at Your Problem up close and help as far as this is technically feasible.

Contact - Imprint

Alexander Liebrecht Internet Services

Alexander Liebrecht

Alte Warnemünder Ch. 25

18109 Rostock

Deutschland - Germany

Telegram Web: +49 152-05854957


Support forums that typically apply to all national and international CMS customers:

Now I look forward to your MyBB forum order and also to being able to offer you my local Services in the Way. Please Talk about your MyBB problem or a forum question by e-mail and I usually get back to you within 24 Hours.

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