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Full service: Woltlab Suite Forum Installation from 120 EUR

Tax included Shipping excluded provided within 72-100 hours

Full service: Woltlab Suite Forum Installation from 120 EUR


Hello dear shop customer! Please let me introduce you to this professional full service and also bring something closer. I am installing Woltlab Suite and Woltlab Suite Forums for customers, so this offer can now also be purchased here in the shop.

This means that I can install a new Woltlab Suite forum for you. I take over the whole technical implementation with all further forum components. Everything I've learned about it since 2014 will flow into the completion of your new Woltlab Suite forum.

I know a lot about this forum app, because I own such a forum myself. That way I can also cater to your needs. In principle, if you can call such a Woltlab Suite forum your own, you will miss nothing in the forum.

Serious missing functions can be retrofitted with Premium Plugins from Woltlab Schmiede. I can help you with that, too.

You should have a valid forum license so that we can download the board from the Woltlab Acount and install it in a good webhosting. I would then take care of the further completion and give you after about 72-100 hours a finished forum, which will be a solid basis for a modern, professional community.

I also help you after your order, because then it is the customer support on my part, which is offered to every shop customer. If you have any technical questions about the forum, just contact me.

Woltlab Suite Forums can now be extended incredibly, because there are many plugins that are compatible with Woltlab Suite 3.1 currently available. There's something to choose from if you're willing to take money into your hands. Of course I don't have to force a new forum admin.

If you want to have a look at such a finished forum, you can go to, which is my own forum. After 5 years, I have already added tickets, Viecode Shop, link list and other functions to it. If you want it that way, it means spending a lot of money and more work for me. You may be able to decide that in the future.

Cost note of a professional Woltlab Suite Forum installation

From 120 EUR incl. taxes this is possible. You should order this full service directly from me here in the shop or contact me directly by mail with your forum requests. Contact data is available here in the shop everywhere in the products.

Technical support possible via these channels

  • via Telegram Web under the number +49 152-05854957
  • by eMail to
  • I also look after regular customers via Telefon

Your own forum reference

If you have further questions or this product is unclear to you, please send me an eMail.

Contact - Imprint

Alexander Liebrecht Internet Services

Alexander Liebrecht

Alte Warnemünder Ch. 25

18109 Rostock

Germany - Deutschland

Telegram Web: +49 152-05854957


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Please also contact me in these forums if an order is not clear or if you need anything else.

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I am looking forward to our cooperation and that I can install the Woltlab Suite Forum in your hosting.

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