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Bolt web site creation from 150 EUR incl. VAT

€420.17 Save €350.00
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Professional website creation, website construction and maintenance in OpenSource CMS Bolt CMS


Hello Bolt CMS customer! Let me give you this Bolt offer a little closer, because it is again the extensive website creation via Bolt CMS. Usually it costs from 500 EUR incl. VAT and I would like to accommodate all Bolt beginners and interested parties with the price and offer it here in the shop for the price of only 150 EUR incl. VAT.

This is very justified, because Bolt CMS is very extensive in order to create a new Bolt website. Furthermore, it is the customer support on my part. At the same time I spend a lot of time in front of the PC to look after Bolt customers every day.

Website creation in Bolt CMS includes these components

  • Website creation and web design in Bolt CMS
  • Installation of Bolt Extensions/Extensions
  • Favicon integration
  • Installing Google Maps Maps
  • Contact form creation
  • Integration of disqus comments
  • Integration of FB comments
  • Menu creation
  • Contenttypes Creation
  • Taxonomy creation
  • Maintaining the most important Bolt file under /app/config/config.yml
  • Repairs, corrections, changes in Bolt CMS
  • Domain/hoster change from 100 EUR per move
  • Bolt CMS updates 1 year free of charge
  • much more that has to do with this open source CMS

All this you can claim and contact me in this regard by email and in Telegram Web under the new number as +49 152-05854957.

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These link references will take some time to get through, but once you've done it, the world of Bolt CMS will be a bit more colorful for you. It is a first-class open source CMS with which you can create traditional websites and blogs.

The Bolt Starter package costs with me from 150 EUR including VAT and in comparison to the price of 500 EUR I offer more services than the offer here.

Imprint - Contact

Alexander Liebrecht Internet Services

Alexander Liebrecht

Alte Warnemünde Ch. 25

18109 Rostock

Deutschland - Germany

Telegram Web: +49 152-05854957


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Contact me for website creation via Bolt CMS and I will give you a very modern and professional website.

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