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DokuWiki installation in SharedHosting from 119 EUR incl. VAT

Tax included Shipping excluded delivered within 48-72 hours

DokuWiki installation in SharedHosting from 119 EUR incl. VAT


DokuWiki installation and full setup in SharedHosting or on Linux rootserver with Centos 7.6 OS -  from 119 EUR incl. VAT

Hello dear CMS customer! Please let me introduce you to this shop product and make it tasty. We are talking about the DokuWiki installation in SharedHosting and I would like to do that with you as soon as you turn to me.

The own DokuWiki project you can feel free to visit me at and it may look like this when the project is ready. I like to install and set up DokuWiki according to your needs.

DokuWiki is one of the wiki apps along with TikiWiki and Bluespice 3 in the pack, which you can take when you take a closer look at the wiki tools. The DokuWiki works under PHP 7.1/7.2 and also on Linux root servers as under Centos 7 OS, which I have on the dedicated server. In both SharedHosting and on the root server I ran it with success and so it can be with you, if you have wished you a DokuWiki installation.

In consultation with you, I set up the project, set all the necessary, so you can then create your wiki posts. If you want to blog in DokuWiki and also want fair feedback from the readers, it will be possible to set it up. There is a discussion addon and a blog addon that I can install from the backend. Does your DokuWiki concerns me by mail under

Cost note of the DokuWiki installation in SharedHosting/Rootserver

For the price of only 119 Eur incl. VAT. I offer it to international customers incl. The technical support. What I can make you possible, is not left out and that is gladly made possible for you.

Technical support during installation and after

  • at
  • in Telegram Web under the number +49 152-05854957

Shop orders of DokuWiki installation

I will make this shop product tangible in all these languages.

Payment methods here in the shop

  • via Banktransfer
  • via credit card
  • via PayPal

That should be enough for you to make the purchase.

DokuWiki is a great wiki tool that is updated several times a year. If you already have such a project and an update has to be made, then I can give it to you for the price of 47 EUR.


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