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Professional MediaWiki Update Service from 47 EUR

immediately available
Tax included Shipping excluded Delivered after 48 hours

Professional MediaWiki Update Service from 40 EUR incl VAT


Professional MediaWiki Update Service from 40 EUR incl VAT

Hello dear Wiki customer! Please let me introduce you to this cool and sophisticated Wiki offer and bring it closer to you. I work with Wiki-Apps like Tiki 19, BlueSpice 3, DokuWiki and the normal MediaWiki in my own Wiki-Portfolio.

Especially this offer is specialized to provide you with a professional MediaWiki update. Within this framework I can update your normal MediaWiki. I make sure that backups are made and after the update I make sure that your wiki website continues to work.

I know such Wiki updates very well and only recently the MediaWiki appeared as version 1.32. I already installed the update and only the user-defined design did not want to load. So you have to see if the old design is compatible with a newer MediaWiki version. I would notice this immediately after updating your Wiki instance and can then react to it in consultation with you.

If it were BlueSpice 3, we wouldn't have any difficulties, because BlueSpice comes with a modern design by default. But in the case of a conventional MediaWiki, you can only be happy if the old design works well. This can then be checked and I can also help you find a more modern wiki design. There are several MediaWiki skins on the international market, which you can gladly use.

Cost note of a professional MediaWiki update in every hosting

From 47 EUR incl. taxes I can afford to offer you such updates. I also offer a professional full service including technical wiki support on all days of the business week, so you can get help with wiki problems.

You can usually reach me through these channels

  • by Telegram Web under the number +49 152-05854957
  • via eMail at

This service can also be ordered in the premium shops. Since you have already arrived here, you can also order it directly here and then contact me via Mail/Telegram Web to discuss update details in more detail.


The lower three shops have been certified by OnTrust and enjoy the trust of existing customers.

Required hosting accesses on your part

  • WEbFTP or Plesk or cPanel

I know both administration interfaces and can handle them well, so that nothing can be done wrong.

Own Wiki instance with the new MediaWiki 1.32

Check this reference once and you can imagine it a bit better what such a wiki does at all. You can also imagine how your own project might look later, but not necessarily.

I can support you if you need help with the Wiki and I know this sector well. Everything you have wiki-sided on your heart, you simply bring by mail to me and then we discuss with pleasure everything else. This offer appears here shop-wide in all 11 world languages to help every compatriot. I have recently introduced Danish and since it is not gibberish, I am happy to offer it to web users.

Contact - Imprint

Alexander Liebrecht Internet Services

Alexander Liebrecht

Alte Warnemünder Ch. 25

18109 Rostock

Germany - Deutschland

Telegram Web: +49 152-05854957


Support forums, for every fellow countryman who knows some English, via forums:

CMS services in Bolt CMS: and

CMS Service Homepage:

Main blog:

Address your wiki problem and I'll see how you can be helped quickly.

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